Showing Buyers Around - Peter Heron
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Showing Buyers Around

22 Nov 2013

Showing Buyers Around

Some estate agents claim that the seller is the best person to show a property to prospective purchasers.

However, apart from the inevitable awkwardness of inviting strangers into your home, there are sound reasons why good estate agents prefer to accompany buyers around.

When buyers see a property for the first time, they are probably viewing it alongside other properties, and simply want to get a feel for its relative suitability in terms of location, layout, size, condition and style. These can all be assessed within the first few minutes. Vendors are understandably emotive and partial to their own property and tend to go into too much detail, which can frustrate buyers who simply want to assess the property in principle and move on to the next house. Such a vendor can unwittingly appear desperate to sell.

The agent on the other hand is the "impartial broker" who has an understanding of the buyer's needs and can use the feedback gained during each viewing to facilitate the decision-making process, leading to strong offers and decisive moves.

Children and pets, no matter how sweet they may be, should also be kept out of the way during a viewing, as they can become an unnecessary distraction. Buyers should be focussed not on the property's occupants but on the home itself and what it would like be living there. Our job as estate agents is to facilitate this in order to secure a speedy sale with the minimum disruption to our clients' life!